Bling Olympics was recently just in Paris and the Eiffel Tower was extra bling-y for us!



Our least favorite thing about costumes is when the MESH DOESN’T MESH. Too dark. Too light. Just not quite right.  Bringing you some of our hand-picked mesh no-no moments.

Alisa Agafonova

Half of the Turkish Ice Dancing team with Alper Ucar has this clean-lined black bodice with beautiful bling bling on not skin tone mesh. How distracting! Can you imagine how rad it would’ve been if it looked like the jewels were sitting on your skin? Just dripping in bedazzlements. Your cousins, the Kardashians, are arguing about whether this fashion faux pas will work in their favor or not. Audible sigh.

Sara Hurtado

We’re not sure. Was the bottom supposed to mesh?

Evgeni Plushenko

Even the favorites fall victim to mesh that doesn’t mesh. We can still see your soul, Plushenko.

Carolina Kostner

This isn’t mesh, but you wore nude spankies that have bling on them. :(

Adelina Sotnikova

Not only did you mismatch your mesh once, you did it twice. You did it in your Short Skate. You did it in your Free Skate. Your leg tights, your neckline, your gloves (which make us cry) and your skin tone are all sorts of crazy different. Too red in the tights. Too brown in the neckline. The gloves are just no… No. Your tights went up off your skate. We’d be freaking out too. You may have won gold, but your mesh mishaps make us say "sashay away".